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21 August 2009 @ 05:56 pm
Round 44 Themes  
Sorry this is going up late, but you have a MONTH for this one!

Welcome to round 44 of kkm_challenge! Please read through our user information if you haven't already and then this post to get started and then begin submitting!

The Themes
1) Yuuri/Wolfram
2) Jello
3) Conrad, Yuuri, Julia: Unseen
4) Riddle of the world
5) Choose a homophone. Prompt begins and ends with the homophone. List: http://www.bifroest.demon.co.uk/misc/homophones-list.html
6) Saralegui, Beries, Conrad: Unrequited
7) Murata/Daikenja, Shinou: Duty
8) Wolfram, Shori: Tease
9) Anissina, Snow!Gunter, doll!Gunter: Voyeurism
10) Julia/Conrad: Untouchable
11) Gunter, Conrad: trust
12) Conrad, Yuuri: Food
13) Eggrolls and small sacrifices
14) Gwendal, Shouri: shared love of small, cute things (for example: Yuuri)
15) Anissina, Gwendal, Yozak: making it work
16) Overcoming fear

If a character or pairing is not stated then you may choose any you wish. If only a pairing or character is stated you may take it in any direction you want. If you'd like clarification on a prompt, you can try asking the prompters here. However, I can't guarantee a response. Just be faithful to your interpretation of their prompt.

The Deadline
Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 8pm CST

The Drill
- Follow all of the rules.

- There is no limitation on the number of items you may submit this round, but you must submit each piece separately.

- You may submit items from any or all of the themes. You may even combine the themes where appropriate.

- Comment on this post if you have any questions on this particular round. General questions can be submitted here.

- Be creative and have fun! ♥