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kkm_challenge's Journal

Kyou Kara Maou Fanfic & Fanart Challenge
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Kyou Kara Maou Fanfic & Fanart Challenge

Greetings, KKM fans! You have found the closed monthly fanfiction/fanart challenge for the anime, Kyou Kara Maou. We now serve as an archive to all the challenges that took place here. Readers and art enthusiasts are welcome to search our community tags. While posting is no longer allowed here, we do hope you continue creating work for this series elsewhere. The knife has been dropped. Pick it up!

1. We are hoping that this community will be made up of diverse individuals and submissions. That being said, please be respectful when commenting on all submissions. Frequent commenting and constructive criticism is highly encouraged.

2. All submissions must be clearly labeled in the following way:

In the subject line: [Fic] or [Fanart] [Round __] Title, Rating

In the body:

Word Count:
(for fanfics*)
Any Warnings:
Theme/Prompt being used:

The rest of the submission must go under an lj cut.

*If you don't have a word processor with a word count feature you can use an online word counter.

3. All submissions must be in by the deadline to be eligible for voting. Reminders will be posted. You are welcome to submit a piece of work after the deadline just to share.

4. You may only submit items that were specifically created for this contest and have not been posted elsewhere prior to submission. You may repost your work to other communities after your initial post here. We would appreciate you waiting a couple of days and mentioning your work was created for kkm_challenge in your subsequent posting.

5. There are no content or rating restrictions, but you must supply appropriate warnings for your work. (Sexual content, violence, strong language, adult themes, character death, immoral use of sporks, etc.)

6. Image manipulations, graphics, icons, and tracings are not eligible to fulfill prompts. All fanart should be original work. Check out kkm_itest for icon challenges.

7. This community is not for promotion, discussion or anything else that does not pertain to the themes or submissions.

8. Fanfiction submissions must include a minimum of 100 words to be eligible for voting. There is no maximum word count. Fanart is more subjective, but it must be an intelligible sketch at minimum.

9. Please tag your posts when submitting.

Tags include:
1) Either fanart or fanfic
2) The author or artist's LJ name
3) All applicable characters
4) All applicable pairings
5) The round

You won't be able to add new tags (this prevents a million different character name spellings), so if you are a new member or you are writing about a pairing no one else has submitted, you can drop an author's note on your entry to let us know. We do generally go through all the entries at the end of a round to make sure everything is labeled, but your help is appreciated!

10. Have fun and post often!

Prompts will be posted every two weeks on Sunday at 8pm Central Standard Time-US (CST). (Monday, 2am GMT)

Submissions are due anytime before the next prompt is issued.

Voting for the People's Choice submission will be posted just after the deadline for a round has passed. The voting deadline will be the following Sunday at 8pm CST (Monday, 2am GMT) and the results will be posted shortly thereafter.

Reminders will be posted as needed—generally at the half way point and again just prior to the deadline.

Not sure what these deadlines translate to for you? Try this time zone converter. Make sure you click the second button, “Use The Following Date/Time,” or it will default to the current time. Use “America/Chicago” to stand for CST (Central Standard Time-US.)

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