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27 September 2009 @ 08:16 pm
Round 46 Themes  
Welcome to round 46 of kkm_challenge! Please read through our user information if you haven't already and then this post to get started and then begin submitting!

The Themes
Choose one—although you may combine if you want to make it extra challenging.

1) Authors/Artists: Word Prompt: Curry, Sick, Tapestries — Use one or more of these words or themes in a submission.

2) Authors/Artists: Fall/Autumn — Create a submission around the season: fall/autumn

3) Authors: Dialogue — At least 75% of your fic should be comprised of a characters speaking. The real goal is all of it though!

4) Artists: Portrait — Draw any character as though they are a framed picture on the wall. You may use any style (including Wolfram's). Feel free to add a frame or even an environment for it.

The Deadline
Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 8pm CST

The Drill
- Follow all of the rules.

- There is no limitation on the number of items you may submit this round, but you must submit each piece separately.

- You may submit items from any or all of the themes. You may even combine the themes where appropriate.

- Comment on this post if you have any questions on this particular round. General questions can be submitted here.

- Be creative and have fun! ♥