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01 April 2010 @ 12:50 am
[Fic] [Round 52] Watching You Watching Me (G)  
Author: Reki
Characters/Pairing: Gwendal/Yozak
Word Count: 392
Rating: G
Warnings: nope
Theme/Prompt: Ultimate Pairing Challenge

"When the circling and striking are done and I land, let me come back to your hand."
~"Hunter", Heather Dale

Yozak stretched out in the grass, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun on his skin. He treasured these rare days when he had nothing to do but enjoy being alive. And rarer still were the days, like today, when his lover could be convinced to abandon his work for an afternoon.

Gwendal lay in the grass beside him, head pillowed on his folded coat. He stared intently into the sky, eyes flickering as they followed something above the trees.

"Whatcha starin' at?" Yozak asked, rolling over to lay his head on Gwendal's shoulder in the hopes of seeing whatever had captured the other man's attention for himself.

"Hunting bird," he replied, shifting his right arm around Yozak's shoulder to point at the bird circling in the distance.

Yozak watched the bird soar and dive for a moment before turning his gaze back to the other man's face. "An' what's so fascinating about that bird?"

Gwendal hesitated, eyes flickering to meet Yozak's gaze before returning to the sky. "It reminds me of you," he said softly.

Yozak stared at the bird again, trying to see the similarity. After a few minutes he sighed, bringing a hand up to rub at tired eyes. "I'm not seein' it."

Gwendal's arm tightened around his shoulders. "Sending you off on a mission is like releasing a hunting bird, I'm never sure if you'll come back."

Yozak snorted. "You know I'll always come back to you, no matter where I'm sent."

"I know you'll come back if you can." Yozak felt the warmth of the other man's breath as he sighed. "You're only mortal. I always worry that you won't return, even if you want to. And there's nothing I can do but wait."

Yozak expected Gwendal to still be watching the bird when he turned to see Gwendal's expression so he was startled to find the other man watching him instead. Yozak closed his eyes as Gwendal's fingers traced a line from his temple to his jaw.

"Even if there was someone to match your skill that I could send in you place I wouldn't be able to keep you close and safe," Gwendal murmured. "I doubt you'd allow yourself to be kept. There's too much wildness in your heart for that."

Yozak smiled at his lover's explanation. Gwendal's heart was all the home he needed.